Here at Vader's Vault, we pride ourselves in crafting some of the best custom sabers in the world. Our attention to detail, quality, and design are second to none. We use only the best materials and electronics available to our industry and you can be assured that whether you choose an entry level Combat Class saber or a full custom Master Class saber, you're getting the best. Here on our store, we have divided our sabers into 3 categories: Combat Class, Limited Editions, and Master Class.

Combat Class sabers are our entry level sabers made for the active saberist that is going to use their sabers for stunt work, fight choreography, or full on dueling with friends.

Our Limited Edition sabers are either familiar replicas, or runs of our popular custom sabers. These are released in limited batches throughout the year.

Our Master Class sabers will be our best work. Usually this section will feature something that we've been working on in the Vault, either a prototype for a run, or just an idea that was in our heads that we just had to produce. Most of the pieces in this section will be 'one of a kind' or at most, a variant of something we've done before.


*Please allow approximately 26-32 weeks +- for assembly time on Combat Class, and 12-18+- months on Limited Edition sabers as these are all hand made to your specifications. As per our FAQ, these are custom sabers built to order and we do not offer refunds at all. We especially do not issue refunds due to buyer's remorse, time frame, or event deadlines :).* *Orders with custom work such as complex powdercoating schemes, laser engraving, acid etching, and shroud work, are excluded from the posted wait time estimates*  

Keep in mind, due to the unprecedented nature of staffing and supply chain issues associated with the Covid 19 pandemic, wait times can sometimes exceed the above posted ETAs right now and we anticipate this will persist until late 2023/early 2024. Most Combat Class are currently running 6-12 weeks beyond the above posted times (10.5 months+-).  We apologize to everyone and are working hard to get back under stated ETAs on all orders, until then we will continue doing the best we can to get everything out as quickly as possible with the quality we are famous for. 

Not all orders are taking that long but we do want to set expectations that some could.  We are doing the best we can to minimize the effects on our customers but it has affected our industry as well as many others.