Aggressive Negotiations

Our most requested, popular design from our 'one off' custom days. The original was made back in 2008, and was the first saber design that both Alan and Deanna worked on together. Over the last decade, we have made dozens of variants until now, scaling it down for the super ergonomic Combat Class line, we've settled on a final design. Slimmed down to fit our Combat Class physique requirements, this new version is 11.125" long, and 1.35" in diameter at its largest, with the choke point being quite a bit slimmer. This saber is sleek. The corresponding shroud cuts lend to a very congruent and fluid design. The emitter has pocketed vents that give a faceted look to the emitter while allowing light to escape to the inside of the shroud and reflect outward. On the other end of the saber, the sound vent is a large 'cyclone' pattern cut into the inset rear allowing the awesome, super punchy "Aggressive Negotiations" soundfont to assault the air. There is the option for a multicolor SMD LED bargraph which will reside underneath a clear acrylic window. If no bargraph is chosen, a blank, engraved insert will be put in its place. 


Wait Times: *Please allow approximately 10.5 months +- for assembly time as these are all hand made to your specifications. As per our FAQ, these are custom sabers built to order and we do not offer refunds at all. We especially do not issue refunds due to buyer's remorse, time frame, or event deadlines :).* *Orders with custom work such as complex powdercoating schemes, laser engraving, acid etching, and shroud work, are excluded from the posted wait time estimates*

Due to the unprecedented nature of the Covid 19 pandemic and its impact on supply chain and labor resources, wait times can sometimes exceed the above posted ETAs right now and we anticipate this will persist until late 2023/early 2024. Most are currently running 6-12 weeks beyond the above posted times (10.5 months+-).  We apologize to everyone and are working hard to get back under stated ETAs on all orders, until then we will continue doing the best we can to get everything out as quickly as possible with the quality we are famous for.